Afternoon tea in Citi Lounge at Cititel Mid Valley Hotel

Teo Chew Porridge set meal

It’s lunch o’clock and there’s nothing like a simple, fresh, but flavourful meal at Citi Café to stop that rumble in your tummy. Our Teo Chew Porridge accompanied by four sumptuous side dishes ranging from savoury to spicy and beyond. Come by Cititel Mid Valley to "chiak moi" and try the ultimate comfort food of the Teochew community.

Available weekdays 12pm - 3pm RM18nett each set. Want more sides? Add on each side dish at RM2, or for the big eaters order another bowl of braised chicken at RM10. Only at Citi Cafe, lobby level. WhatsApp 010-246 2296 for more info