Facilities in Cititel Mid Valley


Facilities and services at Cititel Mid Valley Hotel that you can use during your stay here are as follows:

  • Internet Kiosk
  • Laundry Services
  • Valet Services
  • Travel & Tours Arrangement
  • Limousine and Taxi Rental


Laundry Services

Our professional laundry and dry cleaning services are available at a reasonable rate for all guests of the hotel. All laundry services are handled with the utmost care and convenience.
Guests may order laundry & dry cleaning services from their rooms with the provided in-room laundry bag and billing list or call the Front Desk for assistance. Laundry services are available daily with express service also available.

Internet Kiosk

The hotel offers broadband internet access in all rooms. There is also an internet kiosk, which is situated at the mezzanine floor, should you wish to check your e-mail or check out the various tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur


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